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How We Created a Strong Company Culture

By January 3, 2019March 3rd, 2021Construction Management

Company culture can make a big difference in your business’s ability to retain your employees and keep them happy. In the construction industry that’s notorious for low employee retention rates, your company’s culture is more important than ever.

Providing an environment that your employees enjoy will motivate them to not only stay at your company long-term but work harder, as well. Strong working culture is the ultimate recipe for creating successful construction firms.

As we move into the new year, one question that keeps crossing our minds is how we can strengthen our company culture. Here’s what we’ve discovered:


Put Employee Safety First

In an industry that puts employees at risk every day, it’s essential to maintain strict adherence to its safety standards. Let your employees know that their safety matters by making safety a core value of your company.

As an experienced construction firm, Wollam Construction has developed a culture built around employee safety. We’ve achieved this by continually communicating with all levels of our organization the importance of a safe, injury-free work site.


Build a Community

Creating a strong company culture involves building an active community on and off the job site. Building a community doesn’t happen overnight but little by little through leadership efforts, it’s possible.

You can help push efforts forward by supporting your leaders and encourage them to get involved in employee’s lives and hold company functions. By creating a positive work environment, a community will naturally fall into place.


Have a Vision

It’s one thing to say you want a strong company culture; it’s an entirely different thing to envision what that includes. Find out exactly what that is by asking your employees what’s important to them and working with key leaders to narrow down precisely what the entails.

Then, you can enlist and empower those leaders to create that culture. Get people excited to be involved in your vision.


Lead by Example

If you don’t believe in your company culture, it’ll show. Too often, leaders don’t hold themselves to the same standards as their employees. Change that by living what you preach. Once you start building that culture yourself, you’ll see those efforts trickle down.


Communicate Successes

Strong company cultures are founded on a mutual understanding of what’s expected of each employee, what’s important to the company, and your values. In the construction industry, you can do this by communicating your company values frequently whether its safety, client trust, or something else. As you express those expectations, make sure to celebrate your employee successes in those efforts.


Establish Trust

The strongest company cultures are built on mutual trust. If your employees trust the leadership of your business, they’re bound to hold themselves to your standards rather than their own. Establishing trust also includes encouraging employees to provide feedback continually. Their feedback can directly lead to you tweaking and improving your company culture as it progresses.

Follow these guidelines and watch your business grow. For more information on how Wollam Construction maintains a strong company culture, contact one of our team members today.