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Structural Concrete Contractors

Wollam Construction’s concrete contractors have extensive experience in constructing concrete structures for commercial & industrial clients. Our concrete construction team designs, constructs, and installs structural concrete foundations, grade beams, concrete walls, structural concrete slab installations, and concrete flatwork. Wollam’s concrete team can handle everything from layout to concrete placement. Our team will ensure we don’t overlook any detail. Contact us today to learn more about our structural concrete construction & installation services.

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As a reputable structural concrete contractor in the Intermountain West, Wollam Construction specializes in all types of industrial concrete construction work, paving, and design. Our dedicated team of concrete construction experts takes pride in their work. Not only will we get your job done both on time, but more importantly, the work will meet your exact specifications. Working with you, we’ll strive to provide a high-quality industrial concrete structure that promptly fits your schedule and comfortably fits your budget.


Wollam Construction specializes in providing structural concrete construction services to Utah and surrounding areas of the Intermountain West. Our structural concrete construction & installation services include the following:

Concrete Construction Services | Structural Concrete Contractors in Utah | Wollam Construction


From paving and repair to foundations and floor slabs, our expert concrete contractors deliver concrete designed, poured, and finished to last. Our concrete experts can create custom solutions for whatever your project requires.

Industrial Foundations | Structural Concrete Contractors in Utah | Wollam Construction

Industrial Foundations

Industrial foundations are critical for each next phase of construction. Everything including piers, pits, and mat foundations, we can handle reinforced spread and continuous footings.

JIB Crane Foundations | Structural Concrete Contractors in Utah | Wollam Construction

Jib Crane Foundations

A special foundation is critical for freestanding jib cranes. Our foundations give you peace of mind that your low-maintenance, simply designed jib crane will perform when and how it should.

Sidewalks & Curbs | Structural Concrete Contractors in Utah | Wollam Construction

Sidewalks and Curbs

To complete your outdoor infrastructure and improve pedestrian access, we offer sidewalk and curb excavation, grading, and finishing.

Wheel Stops & Bollards | Structural Concrete Contractors in Utah | Wollam Construction

Wheel Stops and Bollards

We can finish a parking area pavement project with concrete structures like wheel stops or bollards to guide, restrict, and organize traffic.

Truck Wells, Loading Docks & Ramps | Structural Concrete Contractors in Utah | Wollam Construction

Truck Wells, Loading Docks, or Ramps

Increase efficiency of your loading platform and entrances with truck wells, loading docks, and ramps designed and constructed specifically for your industrial center.

Concrete Repair | Structural Concrete Contractors in Utah | Wollam Construction

Concrete Repair

Repairing the structural integrity of a deteriorated slab or cracked foundation gives our team an opportunity to identify the cause of the issue and rectify it to increase the longevity of the repair.

Retaining Wall Construction | Structural Concrete Contractors in Utah | Wollam Construction

Retaining Walls

Prevent erosion, guide rainwater run-off, and improve access to uneven terrain with a concrete retaining wall designed with careful attention to natural soil position.

Tank Rings & Pits | Concrete Water Management Structure | Structural Concrete Contractors in Utah | Wollam Construction

Tank Rings and Pits

Create a solution for large-scale wastewater and drainage management projects with comprehensive concrete water management structures. We can create and install custom or standard industrial concrete tank rings as well as knockout pits, pit risers, and surrounds.

Where we work

At Wollam Construction, we understand the climate, terrain, and unique challenges the Intermountain West poses for concrete construction. The areas where we provide industrial concrete contractor services include the following US states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

Utah Concrete Projects


For over 35 years, our values have influenced every project and helped us grow to become one of Utah’s leading industrial construction and concrete installation companies.


Rigorous safety measures and careful planning ensure our team is protected and given resources to succeed on every job site.


Quality starts with our uncompromising expectations and is carried through with our skilled team, material procurement, and thorough construction processes.


The timing of your project is important to you so we make it our priority, too. Being on-schedule is our constant goal. On projects we utilize master, short interval, and daily schedules.


We take pride in doing what we say we will do in regards to project budgets. We build confidence by completing our tasks on budget whenever possible.

Million in Available Bonding Capacity


We are equipped to perform your challenging large and small concrete construction projects in Utah and the Intermountain West.

Concrete Projects

Wollam has provided quality concrete projects for over 30 years.

For over 30 years, Wollam Construction has provided quality concrete construction and installation projects for a range of clients. On each of our concrete projects, our team uses innovative design solutions and well-planned construction management services. This creative approach offers clients a sustainable solution time and time again. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, you can depend on us to provide superior service on every structural concrete project we undertake.

Not only does Wollam take our customer’s scope from concept to completion, but we also ensure the highest quality workmanship, timely completion, and budgetary compliance. Our team will get involved in the early stages, allowing us to guide the constructability of the project. We will take the lead on the project and work with our engineering partners to provide the client with a total turnkey project.

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