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Agriculture Construction

The agricultural industry is under pressing demand. As the world population grows and the number of viable farmland decreases, agriculture businesses need a unique solution. Our experienced agrarian representatives work with you from the start of your project until the finish. Whether you need a new agricultural building for livestock or storage or want to expand your industry farming operation, our agricultural construction team can handle the design, engineering, and construction of the new industrial farming facility or agricultural building that you need.

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Utah Agricultural Construction Experts

Working with some of the top names in the industry, Our agricultural construction team recognizes that no two projects are the same. Our contractors will work with you, addressing the needs of your structure through our preliminary design and bid. Knowing the details of your project, such as the type of barn or parlor, traffic flow, livestock comfort, labor efficiency, and feed handling, will help us evaluate your needs going forward.

Wollam Construction is a self-performing contractor that handles the bulk of the work. Our services include structural steel erection, heavy civil work, underground piping installation, concrete, reclamation & demolition, and more. From the moment you sign us onto your project, we will evaluate the needs of your structure and design a plan that matches those specifications.

Your Partner in Agricultural Construction

Not only does Wollam take our customer’s scope from concept to completion, but we also ensure the highest quality artistry, timely completion, and budgetary compliance. Our team will get involved in the early stages, allowing us to guide the constructability of the project. We will take the lead on the project and work our engineering partners to provide the client with a complete turnkey project.

Thanks to our team of professionals, your facilities will include all that you need. This includes considering ventilation, sunlight, comfort, durability, and efficiency while offering modern and functional designs. One of our prime areas of focus includes analyzing the safety of your agricultural building. With all considerations being taken care of, you can sit back knowing Wollam Construction will see your project through its completion


Wollam Construction specializes in the design, engineering, and construction of agricultural buildings and industrial farms. Our expertise in agriculture building construction includes:

  • Freestall Barns
  • Dairy Buildings
  • Feed Mill Construction
  • Equipment Storage
  • Heifer Facilities
  • Pack Barns
  • Compost Barns
  • Milking Parlors
  • Commodity Buildings
  • Special Needs Facilities
  • Hospital Barns
  • Manure Storage
  • Bunker Pads
  • Equestrian/Horse Facilities
  • Greenhouses
Million in Available Bonding Capacity


We are equipped to perform your challenging large and small projects.

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