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As a full-service construction firm, Wollam Construction has over 35years of experience handling excavation projects throughout Utah and the Intermountain West. Our heavy civil team developed a strategic civil process that includes detailed planning and execution. Project owners depend on us for all their civil services, including excavation, backfill, mass earthwork, reclamation, demolition, site improvements, underground utilities, and structural barriers. Depending on your project needs, our team will create a construction plan to fit the structure of work your project requires.

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Excavation construction is the process of moving earth, rock, or other materials using expert tools, technology, equipment, or explosives. 

Along with preparing a site for further development, excavation has several important applications, including exploration, environmental restoration, mining, and construction. Among these, construction is the most common application for excavation.  

Some of the different processes used in excavation include trenching, digging, dredging, and site development. Each of these processes requires unique techniques, tools, and machinery to get the job done right. The processes used will depend upon the structure that will result from the construction process.

Wollam Construction can handle every step in your excavation process. Our locally-owned heavy civil contracting company has experience in all aspects of excavation construction, including mass excavation, earthwork construction,, structural and specialty excavation, and other related construction projects. 

Our excavating team can perform all the services your excavation project requires at competitive rates. With our team by your side, you can rest easy knowing that all steps in the construction project are taken care of, including reclamation, demolition, grading, or trenching. Request a bid to fully discover how Wollam will meet and exceed the goals of your next excavating project.

Excavation Construction in Utah | Wollam Construction


The construction of almost every structure requires excavation construction. Owners and general contractors will enlist an excavation contractor to build the foundation of structures , roadways, and commercial buildings. Excavation services are also required to create reservoirs as well as in mining construction for precious metals and minerals.


Wollam Construction offers excavation services in:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Utah
  • Wyoming


Wollam Construction has been providing excavation contracting in the Intermountain West since 1986.

Our excavation contractors provide quality work, highly skilled project teams, and innovative solutions. We commit to quality work, improved job safety, and build strong relationships with our clients. Using our wealth of knowledge and excavating experience, you can depend on us to provide superior service on every civil project we undertake. 

Excavation construction and earthwork require service experience, technique, and the ability to meet project goals. Our team has all that and more. We pay close attention to project detail to ensure your structure has a stable foundation that will last for years to come. Using advanced techniques, tools, and heavy machinery, we will make sure that each step in your excavation project is done right. Hiring our experienced excavation team to complete your excavation project will yield the best results.

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