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Infrastructure Construction & Public Work

Today, federal, state, and local government agencies must meet the growing needs of their communities through public work construction. As demand reaches higher levels, these projects only have a limited set of financial resources to work with. At Wollam Construction, our team works closely with city, county, state, and federal agencies building public work projects that meet all of the above requirements, regulations, and more. Not only do public work sites facilitate the needs of the community, but they also better the way of life for all who use them. That is why Wollam Construction works hard to provide innovative solutions for all public work construction projects.

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Working Hard to Build Public Infrastructure in Utah

Public work & infrastructure construction involves facing several challenges, including limited financial resources, and regulations set by government agencies, local municipalities, public interest logistics, and more. To successfully meet all these challenges, Wollam Construction uses a multidimensional design and build construction process. Our team works hand-in-hand with government agencies discovering the needs of the project and how to accommodate those needs best. With every project we work on, we emphasize transparent, in-depth communication with project owners and all other teams involved.

Along with continuous communication with set government agencies, our team also works with the array of regulations and bureaucracies inherent in public works. Because our experience lies in construction, we are the ideal choice for all public works projects. Our expertise working in high-stress environments lends its hand when problems arise and time is short. This focus on construction management practices in public works projects enables us to deliver budget-friendly construction solutions that satisfy all parties. Together, we will discover an approach that offers you the best outcome.


Offering public work & public infrastructure construction in Utah & across the Intermountain West. Providing expert infrastructure construction services including:

  • Public Building Construction
  • Transportation Infrastructures
  • Bridge Construction
  • Road Construction
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Sewage Construction
  • Power Transmission Construction
  • Reservoir Construction
  • Water Treatment Plant Construction
  • Public Water Works Construction
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Giving Back To the Community Through Public Work Construction

The primary purpose of public works is to benefit the community at large; the benefit may be in terms of recreation, employment, safety, or health. Whether we are tunneling, building a complex hydropower plant, or strengthening a pipeline, our team works hard to do their best for each community and be the best in the industry. That is why we emphasize our work with city, county, state, and federal agencies. These relationships enable us to build public spaces that bring value to the communities we serve.

Not only does Wollam take our customer’s scope from concept to completion, but we also ensure the highest quality workmanship, timely completion, and budgetary compliance. Our team will get involved in the early stages, allowing us to guide the constructability of the project. We will take the lead on the project and work our engineering partners to provide the client with a total turnkey project.




Million in Available Bonding Capacity


We are equipped to perform your challenging large and small projects.

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Foundational Base Agricultural Construction


Wollam has extensive experience in structural concrete foundations, grade beams, walls and structural slab installations, and flatwork. From layout to concrete placement, our team will ensure no detail is overlooked.

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