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Power Plant Construction Contractors

The energy industry has dramatically changed over the last few decades. Today’s energy construction landscape demands innovation and imagination, beginning at its nuts and bolts. Your facilities must include the abilities to adapt to new changes and handle the up-and-coming energy alternatives. If you expect to increase the value of your work in the energy industry, you need a partner in construction that can help you get there. Let our experienced construction team work with you to create something new.

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Invest in Energy Construction

Your facility should support your operations, from input to output. Wollam Construction’s construction approach helps build consistent value on any project, including those in the energy industry. Our team does this by looking in-depth at the needs of the facility, construction methods, and finding ways to save time and cost, all while improving quality and providing a safe work environment. Fortunately, in the power industry, that’s the kind of work you need for your business to have long-term success.

Our team has used this method in the power industry for decades. Whether your facilities generate or use natural gas wind, hydroelectric and coal generation, to environmental control and maintenance systems. Throughout time, new technologies transformed the power industry, as well as ours. It is hard to find a contractor who can keep up with the fast-moving pace. Luckily, our experience in power, insight, and innovative spirit helps us tackle your most challenging power and energy projects.


Wollam Construction specializes in energy construction services. Our experience includes:

• Energy Development

• Fossil Fuel

• Renewable Energy

• Efficient Energy Use

• Solar Construction

• Geothermal Energy

• Wind Energy Contractor

• Nuclear Power

• Natural Gas

• Hydroelectric Power

• Tidal Power

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Experience In The Power Sector

As the future for power evolves, it is crucial that you understand your construction needs. Working with our team on large-scale projects, remodels, renovations, and small-scale projects, you can integrate new technology with various types of buildings and developments. Wollam Construction is leading the way in energy construction. When it comes to safety and quality, our team provides solutions to some of the most complex construction problems.

Not only does Wollam take our customer’s scope from concept to completion, but we also ensure the highest quality artistry, timely completion, and budgetary compliance. Our team will get involved in the early stages, allowing us to guide the constructability of the project. We will take the lead on the project and work our engineering partners to provide the client with a complete turnkey project.

Million in Available Bonding Capacity


We are equipped to perform your challenging large and small projects.

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