The project stemmed from flooding issues after the wildfire of 2018 in Payson Canyon. The lack of trees and underbrush led to water and debris issues after rain storms and winter runoff. The intent of the project was to build a 6.7 acre foot basin that would catch this water and debris and discharge the water at a controlled rate into a new pipe and finally into a new ditch. This required a new channel to be cut at high side to collect and convey all water into the basin, and allow for erosion protection using existing concrete K Rail laid on its side that the city was using to protect the property owners along the streets of the city. It also required the installation of a concrete outlet structure that would discharge at a set rate through a new 24″ corrugate plastic pipe into a newly designed ditch 390’ downstream of the basin. In total the project consisted of 42,000 CY of excavation, 390 LF of 24″ HDPE pipe, 173 LF of K Rail laid down for erosion control, and 30 CY of concrete at the outlet structure and two cutoff walls.

Woodland Hills, Utah
City of Woodland Hills
  • Heavy Civil
  • Concrete

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