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Intermountain West Premier Industrial Construction Company

Wollam Construction is Utah’s premier heavy industrial construction company, located near Salt Lake City, UT. Our experienced team of heavy civil & industrial construction contractors has provided turn-key construction project delivery across the Western United States, since 1986. Our experienced heavy civil and industrial contractors continue to meet the growing demand for heavy civil, commercial, industrial, and public infrastructure construction in Utah & the Intermountain West.

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Safety is a core value at Wollam Construction. Our years of experience have helped develop a safety culture driven by strong leadership, planning, communication, and hazard elimination. Located near Salt Lake City, Utah. Wollam’s industrial construction teams work in nine states across the Intermountain West and in some of the fastest-growing economies in the United States. Contact us to discuss your next construction project.

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Bonding Capacity

$400M in bonding capacity allows us to handle nearly any size project and provides peace of mind in our financial strength and stability for our clients.

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Experience, Expertise, and Innovation

Wollam Construction is Utah’s premier industrial construction company. Our experienced general construction contractors perform a wide range of Heavy Civil, Commercial, and Industrial Construction Services throughout the Western United States.

Wollam Construction Contractor Service Area Locations:

Wollam Construction offers contractor services in Utah and the following service area locations:

  • Utah
  • Nevada
  • Idaho
  • California
  • Arizona
  • New Mexico
  • Colorado
  • Montana
  • Wyoming

Ranging from front-end planning and budgeting to design and engineering, we offer a wide range of industrial and infrastructure construction services. Whether your project is large or small, we have the experience, capability, staff, and equipment needed to provide superior results. Our turn-key construction process ensures a seamless experience for each of our clients.

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Design-Build Services (EPCM)

Our general contractors specialize in design-build construction services for industrial construction projects in Utah and across the Intermountain West. Our design-build contractors provide unified building design and construction services to guarantee turnkey project delivery and positive outcomes.

Our EPCM construction management process focuses on the management of people, money, and building materials for construction projects. Our EPCM services include:

  • Developing a formal contract with a project owner.
  • Conducting engineering work with the end goal of completing the project within budget and on schedule.
  • Assigning personnel to specific tasks in order to complete project goals (ex: industrial engineering, procurement of building materials, construction services).
  • Managing the productivity of personnel through cost control, quality assurance, and proper documentation.
  • Ensuring that all contractual requirements are met by all parties involved in the project.

Heavy Civil Construction

Heavy civil is a term used to refer to construction projects that involve heavy machinery and other industrial materials. Our industrial building contractors work on heavy civil projects that include mass earthwork, site improvements, underground utilities, MSE walls, and structural embankments for structures like roads, mining operations, power plants, and more.

Underground Piping Installation

Underground piping is a system of pipes that includes sewer, storm drains, domestic water, recycled water, and major irrigation pipes.

Our industrial building contractors lay underground piping for a number of purposes. The most basic use of underground piping is to convey water from the source to the desired destination. In this use case, a section of underground piping will be buried underground and then capped with a pipe on top to provide protection from fluids spilling out or dirt getting into the pipe. Underground pipes are also used as transport for gas and petroleum products as well as being used for drainage systems in some locations.

Concrete Services

From concrete foundations and retaining walls to loading docks and truck wells, our Utah industrial general contractors are experienced in concrete placement across the Intermountain West. Our highly skilled team will handle each stage of the installation, including grading the land, placing the forms, and finishing and curing the concrete. For industrial use or architectural design, we always strive to accomplish concrete installation safely, while using high-quality materials and staying on schedule and on budget.

Structural Steel Erection and Framing

Structural steel erection is the process of assembling and joining together various parts of a steel structure, such as beams, columns, and other structural components.

Often, steel erection must be completed using cranes or other lifting equipment. The steel may be assembled on-site and lifted into place with the help of these heavy machineries or it may be shipped to the construction site in pre-assembled sections. Either way, our Utah construction company will find the most efficient way to securely raise your steel structure.

Pre-Engineered Metal Building Erectors

Pre-engineered buildings are structures that are already engineered and constructed before they are transported to their construction site.

Our industrial building contractors use these pre-engineered buildings to build large-scale projects in a safe and economical manner while reducing costs by up to 40%. Because our team includes ironworkers, riggers, and operators, we can construct and complete a pre-engineered building independently for greater efficiency.

Industrial Piping

Industrial piping and process piping is an application of piping that carries or conveys fluids other than water, such as natural gas, oil, or other petroleum products. The following components are commonly used during piping construction:

  • Process lines transport fluids through various processes in a plant.
  • Sumps to catch any leaks and spills.
  • Valves and fittings control flow at various points.
  • Instrumentation systems for measuring pressure, temperature, level, and flow rate within the pipeline.

Our experienced piping contractors, in-house certified welding instructors, certified welders, and pipefitters can fulfill any industrial piping work that your project may require.

Mechanical Equipment Installation

For an industrial project, the right installation of mechanical equipment is critical for immediate and long-term productivity. Our experience setting up a wide range of mechanical equipment is what makes Wollam Construction, one of many Utah construction companies, the top solution to save you time and money.

Mechanical equipment includes:

  • Air compressors, receivers, driers, and filtering systems
  • Tanks, including aluminum, carbon steel, glass-lined, and stainless steel
  • Pressurized vessels
  • Small and large chillers
  • Cooling towers and fans
  • Generators
  • And more

Land Reclamation and Demolition Services

We provide land reclamation, mine reclamation, and demolition services across Utah and the Intermountain West. Clearing land is the necessary first step in projects for many Utah construction companies. If existing roads, buildings, or other structures are in place, demolition is needed. On a smaller scale, we also offer mechanical and industrial equipment removal or replacement for industrial facilities.

Our land reclamation services provide native seeding, erosion control, and landscaping services within the mining, energy, and municipal industries. We also specialize in revegetation and erosion control services in Utah and across the Western United States, utilizing state-of-the-art technology at competitive prices.

Excavation Contractors

Whether for exploration, environmental restoration, mining, or, most commonly, construction, excavation is a job for only the most skilled earthwork contractors with heavy machinery. That’s because it is the process of transporting dirt and debris with various tools, equipment, or explosives. Your excavation project may require earthwork, trenching, wall shafts, and tunneling or underground work.

To properly and safely excavate your property in preparation for your next project, consult with experienced industrial general contractors in Utah. Our team at Wollam can determine which processes will be most effective, depending on your construction project or excavation goals.

We build safety, quality, and trust

As a self-performing general contractor, we maintain and control project quality, details, schedules, and performance—bringing qualified labor, specialized equipment, and building expertise to every project.

Wollam Construction has four core values: Safety, Quality, Schedule, and Budget. Our industrial construction company focuses on creating repeat clients and partnerships. We see ourselves as an extension of our client’s team.

Wollam Construction is a leading industrial construction company invested in building trusted partnerships. Our firm provides quality work, highly skilled personnel, and innovative solutions. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, you can depend on us to provide superior service on every construction project we undertake.

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Careers in Industrial Construction

We are always looking for qualified talent. Are you ready to work for Wollam Construction?

We are dedicated to career growth and personal development for our team members both in the field and in our office, located in Draper, Utah. We believe putting time and resources behind our team is the best investment we can make.

If you live in Utah and are ready for a rewarding construction career in a fast-paced industry, we welcome you to apply. Visit our career page to find out more about our job opportunities in the construction industry.

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