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Day-to-Day Life Working at Wollam Construction

By June 16, 2020February 25th, 2021Construction Management, Industrial Construction

On Site Safety Briefing

Project managing at a self-performing civil, structural and mechanical construction company—seems to go hand-in-hand, right? Well, working as a senior project manager at a reputable company like Wollam Construction involves a lot more than you might expect. Whether you are drawing up a detailed plan for an upcoming project or overseeing a series of projects, there are fascinating corners a project manager navigates every day.

Jeff Jones, Senior Project Manager at Wollam, sat down to discuss what his day-to-day looks like and how working at Wollam Construction differs from other construction companies. He helped us fully understand the ways clients rely on project managers during the entire construction process and how life changes working at a private industrial and transportation focused construction company. Here is an in-depth look at what Jones and other team members at Wollam experience daily.

Project Managing: The Core of Any Good Project

Industrial and transportation construction managers today must use their experience and know-how to adapt to the changing world. At its core, project managing is the glue holding the entire construction process together. Ask one of our clients, and the chances are they will explain how well their project manager worked to get their interests met. That is because our project managers are primarily in charge of keeping clients updated on the latest happenings with their projects. Along with being a client liaison, project managers also track costs, set-up sub-contractors, handle weekly communication meetings, perform material submittals, and permitting. All in all, whatever the project needs, the project manager is there all-hands-on-deck. While Wollam Construction follows the general project manager outline, the entire experience is different for Jones.

Jones only joined Wollam at the beginning of 2020. Only three months into his work with our company, Jones already notices the difference between Wollam and his past construction experiences. He explained, “While the work is similar, it is completely different environments. We are a family at Wollam, unlike other companies I’ve worked at where I felt like I was just a number.”

The Wollam Difference

When a client comes to Wollam asking for a bid, our team begins by determining if the project is a good fit for us. If we bid on the project, we don’t always come in at the cheapest cost. However, we are very transparent in the reasonings behind our bids. We want our newly formed relationships to be beneficial for both our client and us. If that means losing out on a project, that is alright with us. We want our clients to feel comfortable and satisfied with the entire process as well as the final result. Along with worrying about our clients, finding spot-on projects is also helpful for our team.

Along with our unique bidding process, Jones notes how working for the company differs from his past employers. “Of course, salary is great. But more than anything, it is that smaller-company feel that made Wollam the best choice for me. There are also more friendships and a more personable worker-boss relationship,” said Jones.

Wollam prides itself on making daily life for our employers the best experience possible. We are trying our best to create a culture that gets our workers excited to get to work each morning. That includes working hard, doing the best job we can, and having fun while we do it. Since focusing on our work culture, our employee engagement continues to rise.

Another way we are continually checking in on employee morale is by looking at the progress of each project, which is a large portion of Jones’s job as Senior Project Manager. “If a project isn’t going well, the first thing we notice is the morale of our employees drops,” said Matt Wollam, President of Wollam Construction .“Often we see that when a project is behind, our employee engagement is low. When that happens, we make sure to look for ways that we, as management, can support them.”

Wollam believes that by continually checking in on the progress of every project ensures that things go smoothly—for workers and the project as a whole. “We believe that project morale feeds into company morale. The more we support our employees and be the voice of positivity on a project, the better the results will see,” said Wollam.

Working at Wollam Construction

Wollam Construction’s ability to navigate projects and execute thoughtful make us second to none. Jones highly praises Wollam for its family feel. Not only does it feel good to be appreciated, but it makes your work feel worthwhile when someone notices. When we hire new employees, we take note of their attitude. A prospective worker can have an excellent track record, but if they have the wrong attitude, Wollam will probably not be the best fit.

Throughout our years in the industrial construction industry, we have noticed the difference a positive attitude can have on the job site. Negativity can drain energy and make it difficult to come to work. Just as negativity can hurt a project, the opposite is true. Our team focuses our efforts on promoting positivity on a one-on-one basis.

“Many times, we’ve had to part ways with people who were unable to fix their attitude—even senior-level people,” said Wollam. “That’s why we’re determined to recruit positive team players who work well with others.”

Wollam also puts a significant emphasis on the safety of every employee.

Wollam further explains, “Even if someone gets a small injury, then it doesn’t hurt us overall, but it hurts their life outside of work. That’s why we set up projects that not only work safely but keep our people safe. Keeping our people safe is our top priority. It’s really a part of how we built our company.”

Wollam Construction

As an industrial and transportation construction firm that spends a lot of hours working as a team, we are continually pushing to create an environment that our employees enjoy on and off the job site. You can learn more about our culture by contacting us today.

What more would you like to know about working in construction? We’d love to hear your thoughts on why Wollam Construction interests you and what we can do better. Comment your thoughts below or call one of our team members!