Qualities of a Top Industrial Fabrication Contractor

By April 11, 2016News

In several ways, industrial fabrication is the core of industry itself. Not only does it produce the equipment, parts, and structures, it ultimately forms the framework of industrial facilities.  Therefore, the process is extremely vital to the success of a project.  When searching for a top industrial fabrication company, there are several key qualities to look for. The process of industrial fabrication requires an experienced and skilled conductor to make sure that every step is completed correctly in order to ensure the quality of the finished project. Here’s what to look for when selecting an industrial fabrication contractor.

Fabrication Space

One of the most important aspects of industrial fabrication is fabrication space. Not only do we have the necessary manpower, but we also provide sufficient capacity in order to properly handle the scope of your project and prevent disrupted production schedule.

Welding Abilities

Industrial fabrication provides smaller components to construction and assembly sites after producing them at mines, lumber yards, chemical plants, and welding sites. Although plastic and lumber fabrications are common, the process most closely associated with industrial fabrication is welding. Our welders interpret blueprint drawings to build a myriad of structures ranging from ships to skyscrapers.

Commitment to Safety & Quality

We ensure the fabricated parts are completely safe to use and are of the highest quality. Our dedication to quality includes thorough quality control and assurance practices. In addition, we conduct regular trainings and reviews to ensure our team is up-to-date on all current safety standards and requirements. 

Almost all of the structures we encounter on a daily basis were built through industrial fabrication. At Wollam Construction, we promise to provide trusted industrial fabrication services as safely and quickly as possible. We pride ourselves in being knowledgeable, transparent, and on time and under budget. Contact our team today at 801-938-9170 for a custom bid!