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By November 2, 2021January 17th, 2023Latest News
Wollam Construction Head Office

This modern space in Draper, custom-designed for our team, makes collaboration, communication, and commitment to our craft easier and more inspiring than ever. Here’s a look inside our new space, to help you see what working at Wollam Construction is really like. 


Our new digs mean more when you know where we came from. Wollam Construction was started in 1986 by Guy Wollam. During the early years of business when the team was lean, an office space wasn’t a priority. In fact, our company kept costs low and convenience high by working at Guy’s house for many years. It may not have been glamorous, but at the time, it was all we needed.

While it was cost-efficient, our lack of office space wasn’t something we could sustain if we wanted to scale. So, in 2009, we decided to build our first building in Sandy. Over the next 10 years, business grew. As our staff expanded, we quickly filled each office; conference rooms had become offices and space was at a premium. By 2018, our team was feeling the growing pains and we saw the need to start planning another move. 

In 2018, we relocated our equipment yard to an 8-acre property in Salt Lake City to make space in Draper for the future home of Wollam’s new, larger, office space. Then, the planning began.


When it came time to decide what our new office would look like, we knew we wanted to be involved. We didn’t want just any cookie-cutter office space. We also didn’t want to rush into another building that wouldn’t serve us long-term. 

So, we took our time and put thought into every decision. We listened to employee feedback to make the space reflect our culture, team, and day-to-day work. A close partnership with AJC Architects out of Salt Lake City was critical to this design; they were able to translate our ideas into practical interior spaces. Over the course of a year, we fine-tuned the layout, features, and finishes of the space.


As an industrial and infrastructure general contractor that fulfills design plans day in and day out, the construction of our own space was a rare opportunity to take the reigns and be creative. We incorporated many of the design or structural elements we construct for our clients. Exposed concrete, steel, and other highly durable building materials reflect our industrial niche and give our space a modern aesthetic.

We’re proud to say that Wollam Construction crews performed all the site utility work, grading, concrete work, and steel erection as the building took shape in the summer of 2020. Our own team made the building possible, and we experience our commitment to quality every day when we walk through the doors. 


Our office stays busy throughout the week, buzzing with team meetings, trainings, group hangouts at lunch, and celebrations of project wins. It’s a place we feel comfortable in, knowing it’s our home for the long-haul; we made sure to build it large enough to adapt with us as we grow over the coming years. Here are just a few of the features that make our office a great place to work:

Private Offices

While an open office is trendy, it wasn’t what our team wanted. Here, everyone has their own private office. Most are outfitted with a large A/V display that makes it easy to present, brainstorm, and discuss as a group. And since our building was built with room to spare, we have additional huddle rooms where employees from different departments or teams can huddle together to work through projects more efficiently. 

War Rooms & Training Center

The “war room” is like the command center of our office. As our largest conference room, with room for 15-20 people, it is used daily. Professional A/V design makes meetings more efficient and valuable; a large projector screen and four digital displays deliver seamless, professional presentations and intuitive tech integrations to every discussion.

Similarly, the field “war room” gives our superintendents and field supervisors space to plan and manage our boots on the ground work. A physical tracking system (including each staff member’s photo and name) can be moved along magnetic walls to give them a hands-on process for strategizing projects and mitigating resource issues. 

Our large field training center in the building acts as an in-house educational center. Outfitted with computer stations, it helps us easily maintain and improve our commitment to certifications and education for field staff. 


We’ve always celebrated when someone lands a project, but for the new office, we wanted to up our game. Our 30 inch gong puts our old bid bell to shame. Now, when someone receives news that a bid was accepted, they run to ring the gong to alert the whole office. It’s a great way to celebrate our wins together as we go — and create a little friendly competition in the process.

Wollam Construction Office Gong

Employee Recreation Addition

Soon after the building was completed, we repurposed an underused warehouse to give our employees recreation and fitness space on-site.

Physical health is something we have always supported with our employees. So in addition to paying for their gym memberships, we wanted to convert the warehouse space into a CrossFit style gym. We outfitted the space with Rogue equipment purchased from a local gym and now an employee-led fitness program is available to any employee free of charge. We even added batting cages that our employees and their families take advantage of during the winter months

Plans are currently in the works to convert the warehouse rooftop into a patio where employees can gather when the weather is nice. With a BBQ area and yard games, it’ll be an escape from the office with great mountain views. 

Kitchen & Common Area

Our old office kitchen was tiny and strictly functional. We knew we wanted to change that. 

Our new kitchen and break area is open and spacious with stainless steel appliances and sleek quartz countertops. It’s now the go-to spot for gathering during lunch or breakfast. We keep it stocked with coffee, drinks, and snacks and ESPN is always playing on TVs in the background. 


Our new building is proof that an office is about more than having desk space. Its value is in improving how our team works by giving them the space and resources they need to connect and problem solve whenever or however they need. Our new space makes our company a better place to work and which also improves the quality of our work. 

If you’re looking for a career in engineering and construction management in Utah (with all the perks listed here and more), take a look at our open positions to see if our new office can be yours, too.