The Benefits of Industrial Concrete for Your Business

As one of the oldest and most widely used construction materials, concrete is extremely useful for the sustainable construction of public, commercial and residential structures. … Read More

Qualities of a Top Industrial Fabrication Contractor

In several ways, industrial fabrication is the core of industry itself. Not only does it produce the equipment, parts, and structures, it ultimately forms the … Read More

Heavy Steel Fabrication

Steel fabrication in its simplest form is the process of cutting bending and shaping steel to create a product or structure. The process involves taking … Read More

Important Aspects of Steel Erection Planning

Steel erection involves positioning, aligning, and securing components on equipped foundations to form a complete frame. In addition, the process of steel erection includes the … Read More

Elements in Efficient Process Piping Design

Process piping is a form of pipework that is used to transform materials in industrial process and manufacturing. At Wollam Construction, our engineers create piping … Read More

A Brief History of Mine Engineering

Mine engineering involves the theory, science, technology and application of extracting and processing materials from our environment. Our advanced and skilled mine engineers have experience … Read More

Leveraging the Earthwork Phase of Your Project to Save You Money

Preparing soil and rock for a new construction project can be a complicated process. From soil analysis and stabilization to excavation and construction grading, Wollam … Read More

Important Qualities to Look for in Substantial Concrete Formwork

Selecting the right material and creating a carefully planned structural concrete design for the formwork is crucial to the quality of your structure. The design … Read More

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