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Wollam Receives 2015 Safety Award at the Chevron Salt Lake Refinery

By April 29, 2016February 25th, 2021Construction Safety

Chevron Salt Lake Refinery Safety Award

We are thrilled to receive a safety award at the Chevron Salt Lake Refinery for zero recordable incidents for 2015. As the 3rd year in a row receiving the award, we are committed to having a strong safety culture and staying up-to-date on all current safety standards and requirements. Our project managers, engineers, operators, craftsmen, and laborers have made this kind of achievement possible by continuously identifying hazards and incorporating safe work practices into everything they do.

Safety is Our Number One Value

Wollam Construction is committed to safety, quality workmanship, and building strong client relationships. We continue to proactively seek ways to create a culture of safety for our employees. For help with your next project, contact Wollam Construction today at (801) 938-9170.