Leveraging the Earthwork Phase of Your Project to Save You Money

By February 2, 2016Blog, News

Preparing soil and rock for a new construction project can be a complicated process. From soil analysis and stabilization to excavation and construction grading, Wollam Construction’s team utilize a wide range of advanced engineering tools to ensure a durable foundation while maximizing your resources.

Our Solutions for Successful Earthwork Construction

Wollam Construction works smarter, faster, and more cost-effectively to leverage the earthwork phase of your project. In addition, our approach to earthwork is designed to perform tasks efficiently with little environmental impact.


We reduce fuel and operator costs by excavating more precisely and maximizing the cycle times. Furthermore, we continuously monitor equipment to reduce failures and plan maintenance. We guarantee to keep your project will be on time and on budget.


Grading and earthwork are dependable methods of improving relatively weak soil by the removal or replacement of the matter. Not only is grading cost-effective, but it also helps define the character and aesthetics of the site. In addition, we achieve 100 percent accuracy with very few passes.

Soil Stabilization

When done properly, soil stabilization can be the most economical and environmentally friendly solution to improving soil characteristics. At Wollam Construction, our engineers know how to best handle the soil on your site while bringing additional cost benefits to your project.

Earthwork in the construction of buildings and retaining walls not only cuts the cost of production, but allows for more materials to be used to create bigger and stronger structures. Earthwork also allows for more control over the natural environment in military, landscaping and farming applications as it provides the means for creating the ideal location both aesthetically and functionally.

Ultimately, earthwork provides a number of benefits to projects of all shapes and sizes by providing increased control over the project as a whole. Interested in seeing how Wollam Construction can help your next project? Contact us today at (801) 938-9170 for a custom bid.