Elements in Efficient Process Piping Design

By March 14, 2016News

Process piping is a form of pipework that is used to transform materials in industrial process and manufacturing. At Wollam Construction, our engineers create piping systems that utilize the latest techniques and provide an accurate structure to ensure successful construction on industrial buildings. Used in a variety of industrial structures, process pipework is used to transport gases and fluids to various locations where they are needed.  Our experienced process engineers have a broad range of process knowledge and are capable of designing pipework that is efficient and cost-effective.

Process Piping Design Elements

A well designed system will ensure the completion of the project in a timely and effective manner. Secure connections and attention to detail is a must during the design/build process.

  • Schematic diagrams

Used to layout the design of process piping systems, schematic diagrams are created using CAD (computer automated design) programs or designed by hand by our engineers. Our custom created diagrams ensure the safety of the piping structure by placing valves and shut-offs in certain spots throughout the line to release pressure, close off pipes and stop leaks from spreading. 

  • Piping and instrumentation diagram

At Wollam Construction, we create P&IDs to show the design and engineering process of piping systems. The diagrams play a significant role in the maintenance and modification of the final design and construction.  

Building a secure piping system out of the right materials is crucial to the safety and productivity of a structure. Wollam Construction has been providing quality heavy industrial contracting and piping services to the Intermountain West since 1986. Let our experience and skill help you create the safe and accurate process piping system your structure needs. To learn more, contact us today at (801) 938-9170