Industrial Companies

By November 20, 2015News

Industrial companies provide employment and generate local and national income in countries all over the world. Although the number of those employed to work in the factories has significantly decreased in developing countries over the years, industrial companies still provide a large number of other necessary jobs within their companies like design and distribution positions. Despite the bad reputation that industrial companies tend to have, they are an important part of our global community and provide the goods that have become necessities in our culture today.  The rise of industrial companies also played a major role in the shaping and growth of the American and European cultures we know now.

Where it all began

Industrialization began in Britain in the late 1700’s and represented the switch to powered and specialized machinery for the mass production of goods. This period of significant change took place from the 18th to the 19th centuries in European countries and the United States, and is now named the Industrial Revolution. Innovations in technology and efficiency were the concepts that sparked this change and two of the main industries that began implementing the modern tactics to lead the revolution were the textile and iron industries.  Although Britain tried to withhold the technology and skilled workers that created their industrial success, surrounding European countries and the United States caught on and developed full industrial success of their own by the 19th century. In fact, the US became the global industrial leader by the 20th century.

Where we are now

The Industrial Revolution brought about the technology and work ethic needed to develop the world we live in today. Although the theme of constant progress remains at the core of industrial companies, other new and equally important aspects have been introduced since the beginning of industrial work. For example, the fair treatment of employees is now required of most industrial companies. The development of workers’ unions and federal and state laws protect workers from being taken advantage of, and the standard for employee treatment has been set at an all time high to value safety and respect. Environmental responsibility is also a major concern of industrial companies now and inspires them to make efforts to reduce their emissions and give back to their communities.  The refining and progression of industrial companies has helped our world achieve a more modern and comfortable lifestyle.

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