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As a self-performing contractor, we maintain and control project quality, details, schedules, and performance—bringing qualified labor, specialized equipment, and building expertise to every project.

Wollam Construction is a leading industrial contractor invested in building trusted partnerships. We provide quality work, highly skilled craftsmen, and innovative solutions. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, you can depend on us to provide superior service on every construction project we undertake.

Industry News

Steps for Safe Structural Backfill

Structural backfill is used to replace excavated earth around a newly constructed structure. Structural backfill is an important component of building and wall construction as … Read More

Wollam Office Now Has Solar Power

Wollam Construction is committed to do our part in decreasing our carbon foot print.  We have installed 149 solar panels that generate 46.81 KW.   Read More

Dedicated to Safety

Our accreditations through Browz and ISNetworld demonstrates our dedication to upholding industry safety guidelines, and we are qualified to perform work under MSHA, OSHA, and SafeLandUSA standards.

We strive to be proactive in our approach to safety and have developed strategies to train, educate, and prevent potential incidents in the field. Our number one goal is to ensure work sites are safe and that our team continually strives to incorporate safety procedures into everything they do.