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Structural backfill is used to replace excavated earth around a newly constructed structure. Structural backfill is an important component of building and wall construction as it restores the strength of the surrounding earth to ensure a sturdy structure. At Wollam Construction, we achieve safe structural backfill for large public and commercial projects.  Here’s how our team performs the structural backfill process.

The Structural Backfill Process

  1. Once the structure has been completed, the foundation is waterproofed. This involves applying a self-adhesive waterproof membrane or liquid rubber to the exterior of the foundation after backfilling.
  2. After determining the types of material we will use for foundation backfill, we will apply the first layer.  We begin backfilling at the corners while making sure to distribute the material as even as possible in order to provide ample lateral support for the structure. This process will continue until the entire area is filled.
  3. The remaining space between the backfill material and ground level will be filled with the material that was originally removed from the ground. Once this material has been laid, it will be compacted down as far as possible. This process will be repeated until the material is even with the ground level.
  4. Once the backfill process is complete, grass seed or sod can be planted to blend the backfilled trench with the surrounding area.

The structural backfill process varies based on the structure and requires the work of a heavy industrial contractor. At Wollam Construction, we own most of the machinery and equipment to handle large amounts of material and ensure a well compacted structure. Our team has a complete and full understanding of equipment operation, safety, and maintenance. Contact Wollam Construction today to get started on your large structural backfill project!