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Selecting the right material and creating a carefully planned structural concrete design for the formwork is crucial to the quality of your structure. The design and build of a strong concrete formwork is essential to the success of the project as a whole.

Requirements of Formwork

Proper formwork should meet the following requirements.


The safety of the structure and our workers is consistently at the forefront. Safety is achieved by providing sufficient lateral and diagonal braces in the appropriate places.


We ensure our formwork is properly designed to offer substantial strength and stability to withstand the weight of fresh concrete during pouring, compaction, and curing.

Rigidity and Deflection

Our formwork is rigid enough to withstand all loads and forces in order to limit and reduce deflection. We accomplish rigidity by utilizing ties and braces.

Contractors Setting and Laying ConcreteNo Leakage

To prevent leakage, our builders arrange the formwork so there is no leakage of cement grout through the joints.

Smooth Surface

The surface of the formwork should be smooth to allow easy stripping. A smooth outer surface will also provide a better main support as the concrete sets.


Our team does the necessary planning from the initial phase to cut costs in concrete work by planning for multiple uses of form materials. We build practical reuse plans that will prevent wastage and material cutting.

At Wollam Construction, our highly skilled craftsmen can provide you with a well-designed and sturdy concrete formwork system. We even specialize in tilt up concrete panel construction. Contact us today at (801) 938-9170 for a custom bid. We look forward to helping you build a safe and strong structure your company.