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Important Aspects of Steel Erection Planning

By March 14, 2016February 25th, 2021Steel Erection

Steel erection involves positioning, aligning, and securing components on equipped foundations to form a complete frame. In addition, the process of steel erection includes the installation of planking and metal decking. As one of the most dangerous of all construction activities, steel erection requires careful planning to ensure safety and efficiency. At Wollam Construction, our licensed engineers provide structural analysis’ and extensive research to determine the necessary bracing, guying, shoring, and hoisting requirements.

Welders Setting Steel BeamSteel Erection Planning

To achieve the desired outcome, our planning for structural steel erection starts at the design process.  Our team considers practical erection sequence, the design factors that affect buildability, simplicity of assembly, and logical trade sequences.  In addition to the design process, we ensure our team follows every safety procedure in the steel erection process in order to decrease the risk of injury or serious damage. We continuously enhance protections for workers engaged in steel erection by educating them on hoisting and rigging, structural steel assembly, beam and column connections, joist erection, systems-engineered metal building erection, fall protection and training. Our emphasis on preplanning and building safety results in advanced, cost-effective, and high quality projects.

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