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Exploring the Gold Mining Industry

By April 29, 2016February 4th, 2020Mining Engineering

Gold mining has a rich history in countries all over the world, specifically top producing countries like China, Australia, Russia, South Africa, and the United States. In fact, the U.S. is consistently in the top five gold producing countries in the world, with most of the valued material coming from Nevada. The gold mining industry has played a major role in the development of the United States and continues to grow and provide our country with a sought after precious metal.

The American History of Gold Mining

The US gold mining industry began in 1799 with the discovery of Reed Farm in North Carolina. The Reed mine discovery sparked the development of gold mines in surrounding Southern states. Another major gold discovery was made in the Appalachians in Georgia 30 years later, but North Carolina still remained the country’s leader in gold production until the California gold rush in 1848. Today’s US mining industry has developed a more organized and safe structure. A variety of national organizations, such as the National Mining Association and the American Mining Association, have been put in place to promote safety and responsibility within the mining industry and represent the industry politically. Public pressure and raised awareness of environmental impact has helped mines significantly reduce their carbon footprint by changing their procedures and decreasing their emissions. The gold mining industry has seen exponential growth since its start in 1799 and continues to grow to provide its workers with a safer and more organized workplace whiling doing its part to protect our planet.

Various Construction Trucks Dirt RoadGold Mine Construction

Building a gold mine is a huge task, especially when in remote areas. Wollam Construction specializes in providing US gold mining companies with the heavy industrial contracting they need to run safe and innovative mines. Our technical expertise encompasses all aspects of gold mining, including, design, engineering, procurement, and construction. Wollam Construction serves all areas of the mining industry (copper, silver, molybdenum, beryllium, lime, coal, silica sand, fly ash, phosphate and magnesium.) We provide qualified staff as well as the necessary heavy equipment required for your specific mining facility. Visit our project gallery to see the work we have contributed to gold mines in Nevada or contact us today at (801) 938-9170 to schedule your custom project bid.