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As a full-service engineering and construction firm, Wollam Construction is built to handle your excavation needs. Using a well-developed process, our excavation contracting team handles every project using strategic planning and care. Depending on your project needs, we will customize our process to fit the structure of work required. However, no matter the project, our team will flawlessly execute every phase.


 What is Excavation?

Excavator digging ditch

Excavation is the process of moving earth, rock, or other materials with tools, equipment, or explosives. It includes earthwork, trenching, wall shafts, tunneling, and underground. Excavation has a number of important applications including exploration, environmental restoration, mining, and construction. Among these, construction is one of the most common applications for excavation. Excavation is used in construction to create building foundations, reservoirs, and roads.

Some of the different processes used in excavation include trenching, digging, dredging, and site development. Each of these processes requires unique techniques, tools, and machinery to get the job done right. The processes used will depend upon the structure that will result from the construction process.

How Does the Excavation Process Work?

Mountain Side excavationBefore the excavation and heavy earthworks process can begin, the site must be carefully examined to make sure that the natural habitat and artifacts surrounding it persevered throughout the excavation process. Next, the plans for the size and depth of the site are made and the excavation contractors make drawings from them to clearly mark the excavation site’s boundaries. Once these two important steps have been taken, the excavation work can begin.

The entire excavation process includes:

  • setting out corner benchmarks
  • surveying ground and top levels
  • excavation to the approved depth
  • dressing the loose soil
  • making up to cut off level
  • the construction of dewatering wells and interconnecting trenches
  • making boundaries of the building
  • the construction of protection bunds and drains

Where Wollam Construction Excavates?

Excavation construction is used during the construction process of almost every structure. It is used to build the foundation for the construction of homes, roadways, and buildings and creates reservoirs like lakes and pools that house some of our favorite summer activities. It is also relied upon for the mining of precious metals and minerals. Excavation facilitates the construction process and helps our important structures be built to their fullest potential by providing increased control over the job location.

Wollam Construction offers excavation services in the following locations:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

How to Choose an Excavation Team?

Pipe Laying Team Preparing Piping

Construction excavation requires experience, skill, and close attention to detail as it deals with large structures and creates the foundation for the entire project. Heavy industrial contractors use advanced techniques, tools, and heavy machinery to make sure that the job is done right. Hiring a heavy industrial contractor to complete large excavation projects will yield the best results.

Get your project started by looking into the heavy industrial contractors that service your area. You will want to take note of their reputations and values on safety to narrow down your list to the top in the industry. You can find this information by conducting a quick Google search, asking around in the construction industry, and/or reviewing their websites. 

Selecting a heavy industrial contractor who values safety, is known for quality work, and has experience in excavation construction will yield the best results for your large excavation project.

Excavation Projects

Wollam Construction has been providing heavy industrial contracting in the Intermountain West since 1986. Our commitments to quality work, safety, and strong relationships with our clients have made us a leader in the industry in terms of excavation and other construction services.



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