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By November 20, 2015February 4th, 2020Excavation

Excavation is the process of removing rock, soil and other materials from a site. This is generally performed using heavy earth moving machines like bulldozers. The reasons for performing excavation vary, but some of its common uses include exploration, environmental remediation and construction. The work is generally done by a skilled and experienced heavy industrial contractor in order to ensure a quality job and safety while using the heavy machinery required for larger projects. To help you get a better understanding of the purpose for excavation, here is a list of the top three applications mentioned above and why excavation is needed to perform them.

  • Exploration— Digging into the foundation of a job site can tell you a lot about its archeological history. Many significant historical discoveries have been made thanks to the work of skilled excavators. Some incredible finds are mummified bodies in Egypt and dinosaur remains all over the world.
  • Environmental Remediation— The purpose of environmental remediation is to clean up a contaminated site. It is a necessary process after oil spills or ground water contaminations. Excavation is used in environmental remediation to get to the root of the problem and begin the cleaning process. This process is often conducted by the government but can be done by individuals and private groups as well.
  • Construction— Excavation is performed during the early stages of construction to prepare the site for building. It provides a clean site and gives builders a more clear view of what they will be building on. Contractors also use excavation to determine the quality of the materials beneath a construction or mining site.

There are many important and unique uses for excavation that contribute to the innovation, historical knowledge and environmental well being of our society. Although excavation can be performed by individuals on a small scale, it is best that bigger excavation projects are left to heavy industrial contractors in order to avoid structural damage and perform the process safely. Finding a heavy industrial contractor who is trusted in the industry for quality work, safety and customer service is the first step in a successful excavation process. Do a little online research and ask around for recommendations before selecting your heavy industrial contractor. This will help you find a contractor who not only provides quality work, but values safety and client relationships as well.

Wollam Construction has been providing trusted structural excavation/backfill services to companies throughout the Intermountain West since 1986. Our goal is to work with our clients to complete quality work as safely and quickly as possible with little to no interruption of the workplace surrounding the jobsite. We have made great progress over the years and are now proud to be one of the leading heavy industrial contractors with an excellent reputation in the industry.  Please visit us online for more information on our certification, safety precautions and experience in excavation.  While you’re there, make sure to check out our project gallery to see what we can do!