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An Introduction to Copper Mining

By April 29, 2016February 19th, 2020Mining Engineering

Copper Mining in the United States

From the start of copper mining in the Michigan copper district, the United States has continued to be one of the top five global copper producers. The leading states include Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Montana, who alone mine 99% of the copper found in the United States. One of the world’s most productive and largest open pit copper mines is the Kennecott Copper mine, located in Bingham Canyon, Utah. As a trusted partner of Kennecott, Wollam has completed a wide variety of heavy industrial contract work for the famous mine. Formerly known as Utah Copper Company, Kennecott continues to educate the public about safe mining and sustainable development practices. The mine is a great example of the progress and innovation the US has made in our copper mining industry.

Copper Mining FacilityCharacteristics and Uses of Copper

Some of the early uses of copper were the construction of coins, ornaments, and tools. As one of the first materials mined and used by mankind, its ability to be easily stretched, molded, and shaped has made it an important part of our society. Today, copper is most commonly used for the construction of water pipes, architectural trim, weather stripping, and wiring. The many unique characteristics of copper have made it an invaluable component of the past, present, and future.

The Economic Impact of the Copper Mining Industry

The copper mining industry in the United States has contributed immensely to our nation’s income and employment. The US copper industry directly employs 11,000 people a year, and it’s estimated that for every one direct copper mining job, another 10 are created in related industries. This means that the copper mining industries in the major producing states of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Montana provide employment for a good portion of the state population.

Wollam Construction specializes in providing construction services for copper mining companies in the Intermountain West.  Our commitments to quality workmanship and safety have helped us become one of the industry leaders in heavy industrial contracting. Contact us today at (801) 938-9170 to schedule your custom project bid.